Disdik Bekasi sekolahkan 600 siswa kurang mampu

Bekasi (Antaranews Megapolitan) – The Education Office (Disdik) of Bekasi City, West Java, has managed to send 600 prospective public junior high school (SMP) students from underprivileged families who failed to be accommodated through the 2018 Online New Student Admissions (PPDB).

“After the implementation of PPDB Online a few weeks ago, we immediately surveyed the families of underprivileged students to ensure that they could all go to school,” said Secretary of the Bekasi City Education Office, Inayatullah, in Bekasi, Friday.

According to him, the existence of 600 underprivileged prospective students was collected by his side through information from the public and sweeping by special officers to a number of areas.

Inayatullah said, the circular letter was distributed to 52 village heads and 12 sub-district heads in Bekasi City.

“We issued a circular letter as a quick step to accommodate underprivileged residents who have not been accommodated by schools,” he said.

Inayatullah said that the sweeping steps carried out by the Bekasi City Education Office referred to Permendikbud number 14 of 2018 concerning PPDB and answered public complaints about the large number of underprivileged students who could not enter public schools.

“We carried out this activity a week ago and the result was that there were 600 students who were truly economically disadvantaged,” he said.

Currently, the student data is being re-verified by his side to then be distributed to a number of state schools which still have empty seats and are close to student homes.

“Today is the final verification stage for the file. Next week it can be distributed to existing schools,” he said.

After the implementation of the second phase of PPDB online, he said, there were still unfilled seats in a number of public schools.

“So we are considering that it should be better filled for underprivileged residents and adding each study group. Initially 38 per class became 39 or 40,” he said.

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