Harga telur dan cabai di Sukabumi turun

Sukabumi (Antaranews Megapolitan) – Prices of domestic chicken eggs and chili peppers at the traditional market in Sukabumi City, West Java, began to gradually decrease in the last week of July 2018.

“From the results of our monitoring, the prices of several commodities have begun to fall, such as chili and domestic chicken eggs due to increased supply, but demand remains constant or stagnant,” said Head of the Cooperatives, SMEs, Industry and Trade Office of Sukabumi City Ayep Supriatna in Sukabumi, West Java, Friday .

The information gathered, for the price of domestic or domestic chicken eggs, which was initially Rp. 30,000 per kilogram, became Rp. 28,000/kg, then TW red chilies fell by Rp. 8,000/kg from last week’s price of Rp. 36,000 to Rp. 28,000/kg.

According to him, prices of basic necessities are always fluctuating due to market mechanisms, but the increase or decrease that occurred in Sukabumi City is still within reasonable limits.

In addition, prices are also very much influenced by supply and demand, so it is a market law if supply decreases but the minimum demand remains, let alone high, prices will rise and vice versa.

“To date, supplies are still sufficient and there is no shortage. It’s just that demand for these two commodities has decreased because consumers see prices as high so they buy other substitute commodities,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Pelita Market seller (PKL) in Sukabumi City who sells vegetables, the Sultan, said the price of chilies had dropped but was still high.

“To anticipate unsold and rotten stocks, we deliberately do not keep stock or inventory in large quantities. However, adjusted to consumer and customer demand,” he said.

Likewise, the owner of a grocery grocery shop, Karin, said that chicken eggs are now sold at IDR 28,000 to IDR 30,000 per kilogram depending on quality.

“Initially it was Rp. 32 thousand/kg but now it has gradually decreased,” he said.

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