INGRICH.COM, JAKARTA – Police steps in this case ranks Polda Metro Jaya arresting and detaining the supreme leader of the Khilfatul Muslimin mass organization, Abdul Qadir Baraja received appreciation.

Abdul Qadir Baraja himself has been named a suspect in the case of spreading false news and violating the Ormas Law.

“We really appreciate the decisive step” Police in this case Polda Metro Jaya arrested Abdul Qadir Baraja. This mass organization (khilafatul Muslimin) can damage the basis and philosophy of the nation and state. They carry the caliphate and want to replace Pancasila,” said the national coordinator of the Indonesian Young Muslim Missionaries Network (JAMMI) Irfaan Sanoesi, Tuesday (7/6/2022).

Irfaan explained that as citizens of Indonesia (WNI) physically and mentally, they must acknowledge the mutual consensus.

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Pancasila as the great agreement (mitsaqan galidza) ijtihad of the scholars and the father of the nation.

“Pancasila is very Islamic. In the Qur’an it is stated that the mitsaqan galidza (great promise) as a common platform for the nation and state is stated in Pancasila. The meeting point of all elements of the nation’s children,” he said.

JAMMI also invites the whole community to carry out their counter-propaganda that can disturb social order and cohesion.

“We should fight those who continue to carry out caliphate propaganda that is not in accordance with the body and soul of the Indonesian nation,” he appealed.

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Therefore, JAMMI is very supportive of decisive steps Police who also investigated the source of the organization’s funds.

Hopefully the process of investigating the Khilafatul Muslimin mass organization will not stop at the arrest of Abdul Qadir Baraja. Investigators will now investigate the source flow of the organization’s funds.

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