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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – A police officer and his wife were reported for the case persecution.

The husband and wife are suspected of having committed acts of violence against their household assistant (ART).

The victim claimed to have been doused with hot water until he was strangled.

Ironically, the victim’s salary was also not paid for six months.

An ART in the City Bengkulu, BengkuluYES (22) is suspected of being abused by his employer who is a police officer and his wife who is an ASN for the last 6 months.

For 6 months he worked at the house of his employer, who was suspected of being a police officer, besides being abused, YES was not even given a salary.

It is known that YA works at a house owned by a police officer with the initials B, whose address is Sumur Dewa Village, Selebar District, Bengkulu City.

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Chronology of Events and Residents’ Information

From the narrative of residents who were around the location of the alleged perpetrator, persecution it ever did persecution against the victim by scalding hot water until strangled using a rope.

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