Jelang Idul Adha, MUI keluarkan fatwa berkurban hewan dengan PMK

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has issued MUI Fatwa Number 32 of 2022 concerning Laws and Guidelines for the Implementation of Sacrifice Worship During an Outbreak of Mouth and Nail Disease (PMK) which allows some animals with FMD to be sacrificed.

Chairman of the MUI for Fatwa Asrorun Ni’am Soleh in Jakarta, Friday, said that a sacrifice with an animal infected with FMD is declared valid if the symptoms of the disease in the animal are still at a mild symptom level.

“The law for sacrificing animals affected by FMD is detailed as an animal with mild clinical symptoms. It fulfills the requirements. This is important in my opinion to be used as a guide and also a guideline for the community, including qurbani, health workers, not all types of animals affected by FMD are not immediately ineligible,” said Ni’am.

Farm animals contracted FMD with mild symptoms, namely lethargy, no appetite, fever but not the main factor, blisters around the nails and in the mouth but not causing limping and not causing significant weight loss. The condition of the blisters can also be cured with wound treatment to prevent secondary infection.

Meanwhile, animals infected with FMD that are not valid for sacrifice are those with severe symptoms marked by blisters on the nails and causing the nails to fall off, causing them to be unable to walk, or to walk with a limp.

Meanwhile, if there are sacrificial animals with severe symptoms which are later declared healthy during the time when the sacrifice is allowed, which is on the 10th to the 13th of Dzulhijjah before the Maghrib call to prayer, then the animal is valid to be sacrificed.

However, if the animal recovers from PMK after passing the period of being allowed to sacrifice, then the slaughter of the animal is considered as alms.

Ni’am explained that one of the conditions and the pillars of the sacrifice is that the animal is in good health and free from defects. Ni’am explained that there are syar’i provisions that define the type of illness and the type of disability that is permissible and what is not.

Not all types of illness are not allowed, and not all types of disabilities are also not allowed. It is stated that a mild illness and a mild disability can fulfill validity on condition that it does not affect the physical appearance and/or quality of the meat of the sacrificial animal.

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