Arema FC jadikan turnamen pramusim Piala Presiden momentum suarakan persatuan

Malang (ANTARA) – Tim Crazy Lion Arema FC makes the 2022 President’s Cup pre-season tournament a momentum to voice unity and the spirit of nationalism.

The chairman of the Arema FC Panpel, Abdul Haris, in Malang, East Java, Friday, said the momentum to voice unity and the spirit of nationalism would be marked by the unfurling of the red and white flag in Aremania’s inaugural match.

“We accommodate the desire of Aremania to make the momentum of the 2022 President’s Cup to voice unity,” said Abdul.

Abdul explained that the supporters of the Portuguese coach, Eduardo Almeida’s team will unfurl the red and white flag in the opening match of Group D between Arema FC against PSM Makassar in the stadium stands.

According to him, in the match which will be held at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency, East Java, it will be an example to echo the values ​​of unity by football fans.

With this plan, he continued, the supporters who will come to the Kanjuruhan Stadium are expected to carry the red and white flag. Aremania will be the pioneer of unifying national values.

“Despite different supports, through the President’s Cup we are united with the same flag and greetings of nationalism, one of which is greetings of one soul,” he added.

He added that the 2022 President’s Cup event will attract Aremania’s interest to enliven Malang’s Kanjuruhan Stadium. This was reflected in the two test matches which were attended by thousands of Arema FC supporters.

In Group D of the 2022 Presidential Cup, apart from Arema FC and PSM Makassar, Persik Kediri and Persikabo 1973 are also filled.

Prior to the 2022 Presidential Cup, Arema FC had played a number of test matches, including against PSIS Semarang and Rans Nusantara FC. The trial was carried out to prepare Singo Mad before League 1 started.

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