A Bolivian court on Friday found former President Jeanine Anez guilty of mounting a coup in 2019.

Anez was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

She is 54, and has been convicted of making “decisions contrary to the constitution” and “of dereliction of duty.”

Prosecutors said Anez violated norms that guarantee the constitutional and democratic order after Bolivia’s 2019 presidential elections.

Anez, then the most senior member of the country’s parliament, ascended to the presidency after President Evo Morales resigned in 2019. 

Morales resigned after people and the military called on him to go following a disputed election result.

Bolivia split over whether a coup occurred

Socialist Evo Morales had leveled criticism against a “civic coup” that led to his resignation in November 2019, just after the president election of October 2019.


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