Helping Mustahik in Jabodetabek, Baznas Intensifies Renovation of Uninhabitable Houses – Renovation Program Uninhabitable House (RTLH) for mustahik in the Greater Jakarta area (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) is increasingly being carried out by National Zakat Amil Agency (Baznas).

This program is an assistance to renovate uninhabitable houses for mustahik who have difficulty meeting the basic needs of livable housing requirements, with a ceiling of IDR 25 million per unit.

“The renovation of the RTLH carried out by Baznas targets houses belonging to the poor, whose conditions are worrying and have various damages,” said Head of the Indonesian National Baznas, Saidah Sakwan MA, in Jakarta, Saturday (11/6/2022).

Saidah explained, Baznas does not only focus on collection, but also continues to strive to create quality and targeted distribution of zakat. He hopes that this program can help the beneficiaries so that they get a decent house to live in.

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“So far, 28 mustahik houses have received renovation assistance in the Jabodetabek area. Until now, the renovation program is still running. Hopefully this renovation can provide comfort and security to our brothers and sisters,” he explained.

One of the beneficiaries of the RTLH Program, Grandmother Suhanah, who comes from Depok is grateful and happy for the assistance she received.

“Thank God, grandmother’s house was repaired, hopefully it won’t leak again, it’s comfortable,” said Grandma Suhanah.

Previously, Grandma Suhanah’s house had a leak on the roof. The walls are already fragile and prone to collapse.

Now Grandma Suhanah is happy, because the Baznas Active Service and residents are working together to repair her house, so that Grandma Suhanah’s house is suitable and safe to live in with her children and grandchildren.

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