Raising Awareness Regarding E-Cigarettes Needs to be Raised in the Community

ingrich.com – KONVO, which is the official representation of the user community, supports the APPNINDO program as an industrial community e-cigarette in the year 2022.

This was stated by Hokkop TI Situngkir, Chairman of KONVO, and Roy Lefrans, Chairman of APPNINDO in a webinar organized by RELX Indonesia together with APPNINDO and KONVO entitled “Cigarette VS e-Cigarette”.

In the webinar, Roy said that in 2022, APPNINDO will focus on several things that will also be supported by KONVO. Among other things, increasing awareness of all elements of society on the category of E-Cigarettes (RE) and other Tobacco Processing Products (including advocating for differences in characteristics and risk profiles).

“Why don’t you want to open up that there is already a substitute for conventional cigarettes which is an evolution for people who want to switch and even stop smoking. In order for the responsible use of e-cigarettes to occur, two important and sustainable regulations are needed, namely being able to prevent users under 18 years of age, as well as ensuring access to accurate information and protection for adult smokers,” said Roy.

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Roy’s statement was supported by Hokkop as a representative of e-cigarette consumers that information related to vaping was really needed by the Indonesian people, including information about the quality of e-cigarettes themselves.

In the webinar, Yudhistira Eka Saputra, General Manager of RELX Indonesia, explained how the difference between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes is. Burning tobacco cigarettes requires temperatures above 650 degrees Celsius, and at the time of burning a lot of hazardous materials are created which can then cause disease.

Meanwhile, e-cigarettes use temperatures below 650. Yudhi from RELX stated that their products only use 220 degrees which is considered the most appropriate temperature to get a smoking sensation that can still be enjoyed by consumers.

“Every time there is a new breakthrough, it must be related to quality. Entering its fourth year, RELX international has made tremendous expansion and has become a market leader in the world outside of China and the US, this is because RELX invests massively in order to guarantee and ensure that the products issued are of good standard and quality,” added Yudhi.

In this webinar, Dr, Drg. Amaliya, MSc. He also gave his views regarding e-cigarettes which are considered as an alternative product for adult smokers who want to switch or quit smoking.

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“It turns out that not all smokers can stop even though there are warnings about the risks, so this alternative product is a solution to switch to low-risk products. Although e-cigarettes are not harmless, they can be used as an alternative, this is also based on research from Public Health England which states that e-cigarettes are 90% safer than tobacco cigarettes,” he said.

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