Reporter, Abdi Randa Shakti

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Witness Herly Gusjati Riyanto revealing the moments Inspector General Pol Napoleon Bonaparte smeared feces to the face M Kece in prison (detention center) Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

This was conveyed by Herly when testifying at the follow-up hearing of the case of persecution with the defendant Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte in South Jakarta District CourtThursday (30/6/2022).

Herly revealed that initially Kece had just entered the detention center after being caught in a blasphemy case on August 25, 2021.

“Initially we entered so this chef called Kece, sir, here for a moment, we want to talk, the term is introduction, then we sit down, I’m on the right M Kecein front of Napoleon, Coki under the dak,” said Herly.

Not long after that, on August 26, 2021 in the morning, Napoleon began to get angry about the case that ensnared Kece.

At that time, Napoleon asked the defendant Dzafar Hamzah to take a white plastic package containing feces.

“I didn’t see clearly because I was just looking at the General when I was chatting with Kece, suddenly Dzafar came in with a plastic bag but didn’t know what was in it. After that, I saw your hand, oh my goodness, then I got out of the room (cell), ” he said.

Then, Herly was asked by the Public Prosecutor (JPU) if he saw when Napoleon smeared feces. He only saw that Napoleon was furious when he smeared it feces that.

“Yes, father, I told you to close your eyes, cover your mouth, he is still literate. Finally he braked, Mr. (Napoleon) stood holding (Kece)’s head and continued to rub his face, “he said.

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