TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Check out the related facts Billy Syahputra reported by Robby Shine on case defamation and insults in this article.

Presenter Billy Syahputra suddenly became a public spotlight.

Because, Billy Syahputra alleged to have defamed and insulted Robby Shine.

Billy Syahputra allegedly insulted and defamed Robby Shine and his wife, Natasha Shine present filming at a television station.

Even, Robby Shine currently reported Billy Syahputra to South Jakarta Metro Police.

Here summarizes the facts of Billy Syahputra reported by Robby Shine, quoted from the Squid YouTube channel on Thursday (22/9/2022).

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1. Billy Syahputra Accusing Robby Shine and wife

According to the narrative Robby Shine, Billy Syahputra have accused Natasha Shine.

Natasha Sine is accused of often speaking rudely on social media.

Robby Shine doesn’t accept the expression Billy Syahputra that.

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