TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The habit of sharing personal data in the digital world has the potential to endanger ourselves because these data can be used by cybercriminals to act maliciously. In fact, using public Wifi must be vigilant because it can be an entry point for cyber crime.

Thus the conversation that surfaced in the webinar themed “Protect Your Privacy! Beware of Digital Footprints” organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information together with the National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Siberkreasi, Thursday (22/9/2022).

The speakers who attended the webinar were IAI Communications lecturer Dalwa Pasuruan, Muhajir Sulthonul Aziz; the founder of the Open Source Community Foundation, Arief Rama Syarif; and Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Communication Scholars in South Sulawesi, Syamsu Rizal.

Muhajir said, the higher the use of digital technology, the digital literacy in the community, especially regarding digital security, must be further improved.

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Therefore, he reminded digital users not to open the site carelessly.

The reason is, of the many sites circulating in cyberspace, there are official sites and sites that have the potential to be the entrance to cyber crime.

“It is quite simple to recognize the authenticity of a site. For example, check the domain name and evaluate the URL of the website, pay attention to the use of language or sentences on the site, use an antivirus scan, or check whether there is a contact that can be contacted or not,” he said.

Muhajir also reminded various types of malware that threaten us while we are surfing in the digital world. These include viruses, worms, trojan houses, ransomware, or spyware.

Other threats are phishing and scams.

A phishing threat is an attempt to obtain important information by using a phishing technique.

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