TRIBUNNEWS.COM, NUSA DUA – The rapid adoption of digital in Indonesia encourages the growth of the digital economy which contributes greatly to the national GDP. However, digital transformation Indonesia faces the challenge of a shortage of digital talent/HR.

Director of Digital Business PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom), Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid explained, currently the ICT industry’s demand for digital talent is very high, exceeding existing and available talents.

“Indonesia currently lacks digital talent that threatens the growth of the technology industry with an estimated unrealized output of USD 21.8 billion,” said Fajrin in front of 600 participants at the Bali Annual Telkom International Conference (BATIC) 2022, in Nusa Dua, Thursday (22/9/2022).

Citing the World Bank, Fajrin explained, the rapid growth of the technology sector during 2015 to 2030 will make Indonesia short of 9 million trained & semi-trained personnel in the technology field.

In addition, at least in 2018 as many as 1,000 technology companies are actively seeking digital talent. The company’s number actually increased 5x from 2017.

Ministry data also shows that there is a shortage of 600,000 per year for the need for technology talent.

Fajrin explained, Telkom is committed to supporting the development of Indonesia’s digital innovation and talent. There are at least three incubation containers that Telkom have to accommodate and develop innovation ideas from internal and external, such as Tribe, Amoeba and Indigo.

Furthermore, ideas that have been incubated and developed by startups will be assisted in managing funds and encouraging startup companies to find investors through corporate venture capital, MDI Ventures.

Currently, MDI has Assets Under Management (AUM) of USD 830 million and more than 70 portfolios of which three are unicorns and 11 of them have passed the final investment stage (IPO and M&A).

According to Fajrin, success digital transformation requires a radical mindset shift in business, digitization, and talent. Success digital transformation It also requires prerequisites, namely to focus on consumer needs, don’t feel too comfortable with the core business, don’t resist change, don’t be too slow to innovate, and don’t be afraid of risk.

In addition, the right business strategy is needed, rely on recommendations from internal staff what is needed and not needed in daily operations, customer input is needed for customer experience, agile startup culture is a necessity, and make sure digital transformation that do not replace labor.

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