TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – An elementary school boy who is still 10 years old is desperate burn clothesline belonging to a neighbor in RW 11, Kelurahan/Kecamatan Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

It turns out boy is hallucinating, look clothesline like a ghost so reckless burn clothesline belonging to his neighbour.

Then how about boy which burn clothesline the ?

As a result of the burning carried out by Si boylocal residents had wanted to report it to the police.

But in the end the case of burning clothesline The dispute ended peacefully after mediation between the residents and the parents of the alleged perpetrators.

From the results of the mediation, it is suspected that boy who was about 10 years old was experiencing hallucinations because when the incident saw an invisible creature.

“Victims whose clothes were burned actually had time to ask for compensation. But because of the economic condition of their parents, they couldn’t,” said Trisno in East Jakarta, Thursday (22/9/2022).

From the results of the mediation, the environmental administrators and residents only asked that the child who was still sitting in the fourth grade of elementary school received more supervision.

This is because the contours of the residential areas of RW 11 are in the form of small alleys, so that if a similar case occurs and the fire grows, it is difficult to extinguish the fire.

“Now it’s important that the residents have calmed down a bit. The important thing is that the child is supervised, because he is still in the fourth grade of elementary school. Hopefully that can change, sorry for us too,” he said.

Illustration of a fire
Illustration of a fire (Johnson Simanjuntak/

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