TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Brothers in bengkong, Batam have to deal with the police because of the case baby dump.

The identities of the two are M (18) who is the baby’s biological mother and ME (30), the older brother of M.

Both were arrested on Thursday (8/9/2022).

The arrest was made after residents found a baby who was still alive in a sack of rice in the bushes, Sunday (28/8/2022).

The location of the baby’s discovery is in front of the Cipta Permata Housing, Sadai Village, Sub-District bengkong.

“The perpetrator has been detained by the Bengkong Police for investigation,” said Bengkong Police Chief, Iptu Mardalis, Wednesday (21/9/2022), reported

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Chronology of Events

At first, M complained of stomach pain to his older brother, ME, who had just come home from work.

ME then gave eucalyptus oil to M.

“ME also had time to invite M to the hospital, but was rejected by M,” said Mardalis, Friday (23/9/2022), reported by M.

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