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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Ex-wife of Rio Reifan and Sandy Tumiwa, Henny Mona made a lawsuit to an international hospital in East Jakarta.

Henny claimed to have experienced threats and felt that his safety was not guaranteed when he was a patient at the hospital Premier Jatinegara HospitalEast Jakarta.

After receiving threats, Henny Mona filed a lawsuit against the hospital to the East Jakarta District Court.

“I am the plaintiff at Premier Jatinegara Hospital, East Jakarta,” he said Henny Mona found in the Tebet area, South Jakarta, Saturday (24/9/2022).

“I sued because I am a VIP security is not maintained, how about class 1,2, and 3. I paid a lot and wanted security to be maintained,” said Henny.

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The threat was experienced Henny Mona from one of his business partners with the initials AO who suddenly entered his treatment room.

Even though at that time he was receiving treatment in the VIP room.

When someone with the initials AO came, Henny felt that he could not get proper security from the hospital.

“There was one person with the initials AO who came to the VIP room and he was angry with me. He took my cellphone, there were 2 cellphones,” he continued.

“There was my ART as a witness and Premier Hospital didn’t do anything. Security called my art, but when I called the East Jakarta Police, I just came to the hospital,” explained Henny.

Henny Mona explained that at that time he was in a state of helplessness due to the influence of drugs, he felt at that time his life was threatened by AO’s arrival to the hospital room.

“Can you imagine whether I was put on antibiotics at that time I was helpless, if he was carrying a sharp weapon I was killed, what could the hospital do?” he said.

“He threatened me to kill him. There was a voice recording,” explained Henny.

In that moment, apart from contacting the East Jakarta Police, Henny Mona also contacted Kriss Hatta as his best friend.

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