TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Experts in China highlight the rumors that President China Xi Jinping arrested and overthrown.

Most of them said there was no sign of a coup taking place in China.

Expert ChinaAadil Brar noted that Xi was likely quarantined after returning from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit.

Brar even shared flight data showing no flight disruptions.

In addition, Brar also showed a visual of the public briefing by senior officials China in the government environment, function normally.

Meanwhile, according to journalist Zakka Jacob, Xi Jinping has strong institutional power over China.

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This, continued Zakka, made a coup impossible.

“There are a lot of rumors this morning about a military coup in China. So far nothing is credible. A military coup is impossible in China because the People’s Liberation Army is under the Central Military Commission. Xi, as Secretary General of the Communist Party heads the CMC. The army is belongs to the party, not the government,” said Jacob, quoted from

Journalist and writer Ananth Krishnan also explained that so far there is no evidence of a coup taking place in China.

“While politics China is the blackest black box, I found no evidence in Beijing today to support any social media rumors,” Krishnan said.

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