TRIBUNNEWS.COM, SUKOHARJO – A member of the Polresta Surakarta injured in an explosion at the Grogol Indah Police Dormitory, Telukan Village, Grogol . DistrictRegency Sukoharjo, Central JavaSunday (25/9/2022).

The explosion occurred next to a house in the Arumbara Dormitory, which is located on Jalan Larasati Number AA 12.

The explosion is thought to have come from a mysterious package in the form of a brown cardboard.

Based on the information gathered, the package was previously sent by a courier.

Head of Public Relations of the Central Java Police, Kombes M Iqbal Alqudusy said the explosion that occurred was quite strong.

In fact, due to the explosion caused the windows of the house to vibrate.

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Hearing the sound of an explosion, a number of residents in the dormitory area looked to the point of the explosion.

“Then the witness and the dormitory neighbors came out and looked at the front of the house,” said the Head of Public Relations to, Sunday (25/9/2022).

When witnesses came to the site of the explosion, it was seen that the victim was already covered in blood.

“They saw the victim covered in blood,” he said.

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