TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TENGGARONG- Tribunners, procession The Erau of Pelas Continental Customs 2022 officially started this morning, Sunday (25/9/2022).

This activity started after the ceremony of establishing the Tiang Ayu in Palace Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura.

The ceremony continued by giving offerings and lighting the brong.

According to Kukar Regent Edi Damansyahthis procession is very important.

Because it has been done since the time of the Sultanate Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura from generation to generation.

Therefore, he also emphasized that he would be committed to making Erau a Regional Permanent Event Calendar every year.

“I am committed to making ERAU a Regional Permanent Event Calendar every year,” said Edi Damansyah.

Thousands of Residents Watch

Thousands of residents gathered in the courtyard of the Sultan’s Palace Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, Sunday (25/9/2019) morning.

They witnessed the opening of the Pelas Continental Erau Adat 2022 which officially began after the ceremony to establish Tiang Ayu in the Keraton.

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