TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTAPolice Traffic Corps (Korlantas) take care action orphans as part of the series of the 67th Anniversary of the Bhayangkara Police.

Caring action orphans carried out in the form of providing food packages assistance for children at the Baiturrahman II Islamic Guidance Orphanage in the area Krukut, West JakartaMonday (26/09/22).

On that occasion the Head of PJR Sub-Directorate Wal and PJR Dit Gakkum Police Traffic Corps, AKBP Dodi Arifianto accompanied by the ranks Police Traffic Corps others directly hand over social assistance to orphaned children.

“This activity is in a series of the 67th Polantas anniversary. There are also in several other places that are simultaneously carried out in all regions in Indonesia, hopefully this basic food distribution can be useful for children,” said Dodi Arifianto as quoted from the information received.

This activity is known to be a form of concern and empathy for the Police for the community.

AKBP Dodi advised the children to prepare and focus so that their goals can be achieved.

“There are many children here who want to become police officers, hopefully from the orphanage they will be directed to be prepared in the next few years so that there can be policemen, both male and female police officers,” he said.

Muhammad Tohir as the representative of the orphanage under the guidance of Musholla Baiturrahman expressed his gratitude for Police Traffic Corps has paid attention to the 67th Anniversary of Polantas and hopes that most of the children who aspire to become police officers can be achieved.

“We thank you for providing groceries to Mr orphans us on the 67th anniversary of the Bhayangkara Korlantas,” said Muhammad Tohir

“Hopefully it will be useful and in accordance with what has been mandated, God willing, hopefully from orphans We have dreams of becoming a police officer,” said Tohir.

It is known that a total of 107,200 food packages were distributed to people in need.

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The distribution of basic needs is carried out simultaneously in all Regional Police throughout the territory of Indonesia.

Previously, Police Traffic Corps has distributed food packages for the online motorcycle taxi driver community in the region KrukutTaman Sari, West JakartaCommunity Drivers at Jasinga Terminal, Bogor, West Java, farm laborers in Pandeglang, rickshaw pullers at Jiexpo, Kemayoran, and orphanage foundations in several locations in Jakarta.

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