TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Chairman MPR RI as well as Deputy Chairperson of the Golkar Party Bambang Soesatyo welcomes the wishes of the Speaker of Parliament Ukraine HE Mr. Ruslan Stefanchuk represented by Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ukraine HE Mrs. Olena Kondratiuk to meet her, which is scheduled for October 4, 2022 at Gedung MPR RI.

Along with his visit to Indonesia to attend the G20 Parliamentary Speakers Summit 2022 on 5-7 October which was held by the Indonesian Parliament as the host.

“This meeting is very important to discuss various current world conditions, including discussing developments in the settlement of military conflicts between the two countries Ukraine with Russia, the Crimea issue, to global economic recovery and increasing Indonesia’s bilateral relations with Indonesia Ukraine. Indonesia has always called for the Russian military conflict with Ukraine can be stopped immediately, prioritizing a peaceful settlement through diplomatic negotiations,” said Bamsoet after receiving the Ambassador Ukraine for Indonesia HE Mr. Vasyl Hamianin with the Croatian Ambassador to Indonesia HE Mr. Nebojša Koharović, at the Chief’s Service Residence MPR RIin Jakarta, Wednesday (28/9/2022).

The 20th chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives and the former Chairman of Commission III of the Indonesian House of Representatives in the field of Law, Human Rights and Security explained that he was also invited by the Ambassador Ukraine for Indonesia HE Mr. Vasyl Hamianin and Ambassador of Croatia to Indonesia HE Mr. Nebojša Koharović to attend virtually the The first Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimean Platform (ICP), which will be held on October 25, 2022 in Zagreb, Croatia.

At the same time, it provides views regarding various things that need to be done by world countries to create a safer and more peaceful world.

“Regarding the Crimea issue, Indonesia always pushes for it to be resolved through a multilateral mechanism at the United Nations (UN). Indonesia’s position is to always respect the territorial integrity of a sovereign country, so that it will not interfere in the territorial problems of a particular country. Indonesia also always emphasizes the importance of peaceful conflict resolution through inclusive dialogue involving all parties,” explained Bamsoet.

The Deputy Chairperson of SOKSI as well as the Head of the Law Enforcement, Defense and Security Relations Agency of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) explained that regarding the settlement of the military conflict between Ukraine With Russia, Indonesia has carried out various international diplomacy multilaterally.

Among others, supporting the United Nations General Assembly’s Resolution of 2 March 2022, ‘Aggression Against Ukraine’, supporting the United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution of 4 March 2022 ‘Situation of Human Rights in Ukraine Stemming from the Russian Aggression’, supporting the UN General Assembly’s Resolution of 24 March 2022, ‘Humanitarian Consequences of the Aggression Against Ukraine’, and abstained from the Resolution of the UN General Assembly 7 April 2022 regarding the suspension of Russia’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council.

“Indonesia has provided humanitarian assistance to civilians in Ukraine in the form of cash grants through the Red Cross Ukraine amounting to USD 250,000, medicines and medical equipment by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo during his visit to Kyiv on 29 June 2022, as well as a commitment to assist reconstruction projects after the end of the military conflict Ukraine – Russia. Indonesia also encourages Russia and Ukraine can ensure ‘safe passage’ and ‘humanitarian corridor’ for evacuation, access and humanitarian assistance during military conflict is still ongoing. Indonesia also consistently supports the enforcement of international law and the UN Charter, particularly regarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a country,” said Bamsoet.

The Deputy Chairperson of the Pancasila Youth and the Deputy Chairperson of the FKPPI/Head of the FKPPI State Defense Agency added that Russia and Ukraine has carried out 6 rounds of negotiations since 28 February 2022, both in Belarus, virtually, as well as Turkish-mediated meetings in Antalya (10 March 2022) and Istanbul (29 March 2022).

The world hopes that a bright spot can soon be seen so that the military conflict that occurs between Ukraine with Russia could end soon. Considering that it not only created an economic crisis, the military conflict also created a humanitarian crisis, one of which can be seen from the rapid flow of civilian refugees from Indonesia Ukraine.

“UNHCR data reported that as of September 22, 2022, from around 44 million population Ukraineas many as 7,405,590 residents have fled abroad Ukraineand citizens Ukraine registered in temporary protection or other national protection schemes in Europe totaled 4,130,891 people. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights/OHCHR, as of September 19, reported the number of civilian casualties reached 14,532 people, of which 5,916 people died and 8,616 people were injured. The fatalities consisted of 156 girls, 188 boys, as well as 35 children and 1,649 adults,” said Bamsoet.

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