TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi said that his party would bring in fomepizole to handle the case acute kidney failure mysterious (acute kidney injury/AKI).

Budi said the amount of fomepizole to be imported from Singapore and Australia is 200 vials.

“We want to bring 200 first because one vial can make one person,” he said, Friday (10/21/2022) quoted from

Later, the drug will be injected several times into the patient acute kidney failure mysterious.

However, Budi assesses that each patient only needs to receive one vial.

“There are several injections but one vial can be enough,” he said.

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What’s that Fomepizole?

Quoted from rxlist.comAntizol or better known as fomepizole is an antidote for Ethylene Glycol (EG), an antidote to methanol poisoning, or for people who consume EG or methanol.

Usually the use of fomepizole is combined with hemodialysis therapy.

For information, hemodialysis therapy aims to replace the body’s performance such as filtering and removing metabolic waste due to excess fluid, helping to balance chemical elements in the body, and helping maintain blood pressure.

Illustration (Metropolis Healthcare)

Then, usually the use of fomepizole is done according to a doctor’s prescription.

The use of fomepizole can not be arbitrary.

There are several things that must be explained to the doctor when you will receive Fomepizole that is:

– Are you allergic to drugs?

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