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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The government accelerates the procurement of antidote drugs Fomepizole from a number of companies in various countries.

Procurement Fomepizole This is for case management acute renal impairment especially in Indonesian children.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) and the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) said that the Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Economic Recovery Acceleration Team (TPPE), Lintang Paramitasari, said at the weekly press briefing of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thursday (27/10/2022)

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“In order to handle the case acute renal impairment especially for Indonesian children, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also the Ministry of Health have made various procurement efforts Fomepizole from various companies in various countries,” said Lintang.

Star explains Fomepizole is a drug for the treatment of Ethylene Glycol poisoning which is suspected to be the cause of Ethylene Glycol poisoning acute renal impairment in children.

In this case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Health are in intensive communication with pharmaceutical partner companies Aladin from Canada and also Takeda from Japan to immediately obtain Fomepizole for Indonesian children.

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“In addition to the two companies, there are also several partner companies that we are contacting from the United States, Singapore and Malaysia,” he said.

Lintang said the government also appreciates the support of the Australian government which has provided support for 16 vials Fomepizole which arrived in Indonesia on October 25, 2022.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to provide escort and also support to the Ministry of Health in order to open access to products Fomepizole for handling acute kidney cases in Indonesia,” he said.

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