Reporter Report, Abdul Majid

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Secretary General PB Forki, King of the Seven Ervians say titled karate championship Karate 1 Series A Jakarta 2022 which was held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta on 18-20 November 2022 further proved that Indonesia is ready to hold international sports events.

Ervian also told that this championship was originally held in China. However, because there were obstacles, China also withdrew as the host.

Ervian hopes that this championship can be held successfully and that Indonesian karate athletes can make proud achievements.

“This event is the courage of Indonesia to take an event that should be held by other countries and because of something that we don’t get involved in so that the parents of the house withdrew and transferred it to several countries including Indonesia and Indonesia we dare to take it,” said Ervian in a conference session press on Noble HotelJakarta, Wednesday (16/11/2022).

“We prove that we, Indonesian karate, are ready to host world-class karate events and we will also cooperate in successful implementation and achievements,” he continued.

Furthermore, Ervian assessed that this international karate championship which was participated in by 65 countries could provide valuable experience for Indonesian karate athletes.

Moreover, the karateka do not only come from Asian countries but also from countries in Europe and America.

This event is also the right arena to hone the quality skills of Indonesian karate athletes ahead of appearing at the Cambodian SEA Games in May 2023.

“How do we prepare the karate national team so far. They were already superior at the Vietnam SEA Games, namely our karate achieved over the target after that there was also a single event in Southeast Asia after the SEA Games, that’s when Indonesia came out as the overall champion,” said Ervian.

“Then how will the impact of the WKF be followed by national team athletes, this will be the maximum competition for them and will also be a measure for us to measure the strengths and weaknesses of athletes. What needs to be fixed, what needs to be improved

“This could be a preparation for the SEA Games, and there are even a lot of athletes outside of Asia, because the chairman reported that some were from European countries, some from America. France, Japan, so this is good for Indonesian athletes to test matches as well, in addition to achieving achievements but also measuring their own abilities and those of their opponents,” he concluded.

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