Reporter Report, Abdi Ryanda Shakti

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The police raided Maritime VillageTanjung Priok, North Jakarta regarding the circulation case drugs on Wednesday (30/11/2022).

However, when carrying out the operation, members of the police met resistance from residents by way of exploding firecrackers into the air as a sign of the arrival of the police.

“So it’s the same way as before.

If there are police activities related to drug law enforcement, they usually fight their group by throwing firecrackers,” said North Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Wibowo when contacted, Wednesday (30/11/2022) evening.

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“So that’s the way it is Maritime Village when they saw the police personnel quite a bit they shot firecrackers as code.

But if there are enough personnel, they will withdraw,” he continued.

Luckily, said Wibowo, none of its members were injured due to resistance from residents during the operation.

“No, he shot it upwards. That’s how they do it. So see if there is related police enforcement drugs they usually shoot firecrackers into the air so that the shots were heard and as a code to give resistance to officers,” he said.

People Arrested

Wibowo said from the operation this time, his party arrested six people by seizing a number of evidence drugs type of methamphetamine.

“After we sent sufficient personnel, we secured 6 people. (Evidence) drugs all with evidence of 116.97 grams of methamphetamine,” said Wibowo.

Wibowo further stated that the six people who were arrested were not due to attempts to attack officers, but were involved in a network drugs.

“Yes (arrested) because of methamphetamine. They protect each other, this is a network.

They protect each other by giving firecrackers into the air as a code for their members to hear,” he said.

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