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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) conveyed the achievement of the target value investation next year, it will not be easy because all countries are competing to attract investors.

Therefore, Jokowi advised all staff to jointly maintain capital inflows in order investation in the Motherland.

“I entrust all ministries, to governors, to regents, to mayors, don’t let anyone make things difficult, disrupt capital inflows, inflows of capital in the framework of this investment, because this (investment) is one of the keys to our economic growth,” he said Jokowi at the 2022 Bank Indonesia Annual Meeting which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, on Wednesday (30/11/2022).

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The Head of State added, currently the value investation outside Java Island is already greater than Java Island with a percentage reaching 53 percent.

According to the President, this is the government’s success in building infrastructure followed by the growth of new economic spots outside Java Island.

“In the past, the figure (investment) was usually 70-30 (percent), Java 70 (percent), outside Java 30 (percent). Now outside Java it is 53 percent. In my opinion, this is the success of building infrastructure followed by growing new economic growth points and followed by investation who go outside Java,” he concluded.

On the other hand, Jokowi also encouraged all staff to be optimistic in facing global economic conditions next year which are still full of uncertainties.

In addition, the President also warned his staff to remain vigilant and careful in formulating policies later.

“Fiscal, monetary must always speak, must always go hand in hand so that all existing policies are truly beneficial to the people and the country,” said the President.

Jokowi outlined a number of economic aspects that need attention in 2023, such as the value of Indonesia’s exports which have jumped high in the last two years.

He reminded that the value of Indonesia’s exports in 2023 could be maintained and even increased.

“Be careful that next year it could decrease because the problems in China have not been resolved until their economy is also down due to the zero Covid policy. Then in the European Union it is also the same, the economic slowdown is certain, when will the recession just wait,” he said.

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Furthermore, the Head of State said that currently Indonesia is starting to gain the trust of international investors.

This trust, said the President, needs to be supported by policy reform followed by good implementation in the field.

“We really want to build a new way of working. We want to build a new mindset. That is what generates trust and confidence in us, but be careful, we still need to reform our policies and need to implement them on the right ground,” said the President.

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