TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TAPANULI – An alarming incident occurred in Central Tapanulias reported by Imran Sibagariang’s Facebook account, Wednesday (30/11/2022).

The video was uploaded with the condition of a mother giving birth to her baby.

In the caption for the video, Imran wrote “Puskes Tukka Has Stories”.

It can be seen that the mother is in a critical condition supported by a man.

While the baby had come out of the womb and was lying on the cold floor with the umbilical cord unbroken.

Fresh blood kept pouring down on the mother’s clothes and the floor.

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The amount of blood that came out, seemed to make the mother weaker and helpless.

Apart from the three people, there was also the sound of the voices of the people around.

However, no one gave any help.

It can be seen that the door to the building was closed and no one came out to help babies and mothers whose lives were already in danger.

This case also received the attention of the local Health Service.

They immediately clarified to the head Public health center Tukka.

After clarifying, the Head of the Komimfo Tapteng Office, Darwin Pasaribu also explained the results of the clarification from the head Public health center Tukka to the Medan Tribune.

Head Public health center Dr. Tukka Dr. Ester Surbakti revealed that the incident occurred in Public health center Tukka, on Saturday (26/11/2022) afternoon.

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