TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Ministry of Agriculture through the Center Education Agriculture, Agricultural Extension and Human Resources Development Agency (BPPSDMP) signed a collaboration with Persol Global Workforce Co., Ltd., (PERSOL) in Japanon Tuesday (29/11/2022) in the framework of holding an educational program at the same time training for the farmer youth in the country.

As stated by the Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpoeducational programs and training it gives an opportunity to farmer Indonesian youth to become leaders in order to develop human resources in Indonesia.

“In the future, this program will provide an opportunity for farmer young men and women who will play an important role in agriculture and rural development in Indonesia to work and study with agriculture in Japan,” said Syahrul Yasin Limpo.

The signing of the memorandum was represented by the Head of Center Education Agriculture Indonesia, Idha Widi Arsanti, and Morihiro Tada as Representatives of the Executive Director of PERSOL.

The Head of the Ministry of Agriculture’s BPPSDMP, Dedi Nursyamsi explained, through this program, para farmer young people will learn about agricultural techniques, agricultural management skills, agricultural youth activities, to the functioning of rural communities in Japan.

There are a number of criteria for potential participants to be selected by the Center Education BPPSDMP Agriculture has specified in the memorandum, include people involved in agriculture with at least two years of practical agricultural experience in Indonesia, and are expected to be farmer key in rural areas after completing the program.

The type of agriculture that the participant wants to study and the subject of his study Japan must be matched.

In terms of age, you are required to be between 19-28 years old with at least compulsory education and have strong motivation and have good physical condition to be able to complete training in Japan.

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Participants must also have an open mind and willingness to adapt training and live in Japanhave a strong desire for self-development and a clear understanding of program goals training in Japancommon sense to comply with laws and regulations Japanas well as rules and instructions stipulated by PERSOL and farmer host.

“This program also aims to increase friendship between Japan and Indonesia, as well as developing future relations between the two countries in the food and agriculture industry, including boosting Indonesia’s economic growth,” explained Idha.

Idha explained, later the selected participants will undergo at least two months of orientation before departure to Japan.

“Participants will be provided with program objectives, language Japan basic, general information about the community Japanculture, customs and agriculture,” explained Idha.

BPPSDMP through the Center Education Farms will cover some of the costs required for the program trainingincluding round-trip economy class international airplane tickets (Indonesia-Japan-Indonesia).

“We will do our best to handle cost-sharing, if there is a reduction in program subsidies by the Japanese government as long as the program budget is sufficient,” he said.

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As for the participants training and program implementation in Japan PERSOL will be responsible.

Including bearing the costs required for the program training outside Indonesia, such as domestic transportation in Japaneducational activities in Japan as well as appropriate monthly allowances for participants training.

“PERSOL will also provide insurance against injury, illness and death of participants training during the time trainingincluding transit between the two countries and providing compensation for these cases within the applicable insurance coverage limits,” the memorandum stated.

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