TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The government is trying to maintain stock rice at warehouse Bulog of 1.2 million tons, one of which is by purchasing rice abroad.

Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan (Zulhas) said, purchase rice overseas it has been carried out, but has not yet entered Indonesia because it is still looking at domestic stock conditions.

“We have bought it but we haven’t imported it. Now we are giving Bulog and the Minister of Agriculture the opportunity to fulfill government rice reserves (CBP). For the past 6 days,” Zulhas said after the 2022 Indonesia Digital Economy Conference by Kompas and Lazada Indonesia, Tuesday (29/11 /2022).

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According to him, position rice those purchased by the government abroad are now just waiting for parties Bulogif Bulog unable to meet within the allotted time, the Ministry of Trade is ready to import rice which has been purchased.

“The Ministry of Trade will immediately issue permits if needed. We can do it at any time. It’s flexible. So, if he can’t fulfill those six days, then two days later he can also be imported,” said Zulhas.

Zulkifli admitted that he was worried about the stock rice Bulog not enough, because this is for the need to stabilize the price of these commodities in the country.

“Rice, if it rises by 10 rupiah, can affect food inflation by up to 3.6 percent. This is different from chilies and onions, where if the price increases, it will only have an impact on inflation of 0.1 percent,” said Zulhas.

Market Operations

Head National Food Agency/National Food Agency (NFA), Arief Prasetyo Adi said, his party would carry out market operations by optimizing reserves rice Bulog to maintain price stability rice ahead of Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 (Nataru).

Arief explained that Bulog’s rice reserves as of November were at 569 thousand tons, so that for stabilization in November-December a stock release of around 150-200 thousand tons per month was needed.

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According to him, market intervention in order to maintain the price rice remain under control and do not burden inflation.

“In the second semester, especially November-December ahead of Nataru, it is time for us to release stocks to control prices. Moreover, the government is targeting inflation in November and December to fall so as not to exceed the economic growth rate,” said Arief, quoted on Wednesday (30/11/ 2022).

Furthermore, Arief said, through these market operations, he was targeting stocks rice available at the community level and price stability can be maintained.

“We will optimize stock Bulog currently available around 569 thousand tonnes, while continuing to absorb. Indeed, our target is stock rice Bulog at the end of the year 1.2 million tons by prioritizing domestic production, but if the time has not been fulfilled, we are forced to have the last option from outside,” he said.

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