TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Former Head of Propam Polri division and accused in the death of Nofriansyah Yoshua Hutabarat alias Brigadier Yoshua, Freddy Sambo dismissed the statement of Richard Eliezer Pudihang Lumiu or Bharad Eliezer at trial.

The statement that was denied by Freddy Sambo it is related to the existence of a female figure besides Princess Candrawathi at home Freddy Sambo in Bangka, South Jakarta.

Eliezer said that at that time the woman was crying after the Yoshua shooting incident.

“That’s not true, his statement was made up,” he said Freddy Sambo when met during a trial, at the South Jakarta District Court (PN), Tuesday (6/12/2022).

Ferdy Sambo is still adamant that what actually happened in this case was purely sexual harassment.

He still believes that the late Yoshua conducted an examination not about an affair.

“Obviously my wife was raped by Joshua. There was no other motive, let alone an affair,” he said.

on that, Freddy Sambo firmly stated that what Eliezer said was not true.

“None of that,” he snapped.

Previously, attorney Richard Eliezer Pudihang Lumiu or Bharad Eliezer, Ronny Talapessy confirmed his client’s statement that there was another woman in the house Freddy Sambo besides Princess Candrawathi.

Ronny glanced at the figure of the woman.

He said, the female figure referred to by Bharad Eliezer has short hair and brown skin.

“What is certain is that he has short hair, brown skin,” Ronny told the media crew when met at the South Jakarta District Court (PN), Monday (5/12/2022).

Even so, Ronny was reluctant to reveal in detail who the woman was.

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