TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The government releases daily case developments Covid-19 in Indonesia on Thursday (8/12/2022) today.

Today, there were an additional 2,977 new cases, a decrease compared to last Wednesday (7/12/2022).

Previously, the addition of new cases was at 3,351 cases.

Thus, the total number of confirmed cases of the Corona virus is 6,692,509 cases.

As for cases recovered from Covid-19 in Indonesia an increase of 5,117 people.

Based on data from the Covid-19 Task Force, Thursday (8/12/2022), the number of patients recovering from Covid-19 reached 6,486,808 people.

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Meanwhile, for cases of death due to Covid-19 added 27 people.

The total cases of patients who died from the Corona virus were 160,139 people.

Then, active cases in Indonesia as of Thursday totaled 45,562 cases.

Booster Vaccine Covid-19 The First Dose Is Still Low

reported Tribunnews.comSpokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Muhammad Syahril, said that currently the first dose of the Covid-19 booster vaccine is still low.

“Our problem at the moment is that the first booster is still low,” he said, Tuesday (6/12/2022).

As is known, based on data from the Ministry of Health, vaccines Covid-19 for the first dose it has reached 203,745,204 doses or as much as 86.82 percent.

For the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, 174,323,143 doses or 74.29 percent have been reached.

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