TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The following is the answer to the problem of comparing 1/2 chocolate cake and 1/3 vanilla cake in Books Theme 5 Class 3 SD page 74.

This question is in Theme 5 Thematic Books Integrated Curriculum 2013.

The Thematic Book Integrated Curriculum 2013 Theme 5 has the title Weather.

The question above is precisely in Sub-theme 2 Learning 3, part Let’s Practice.

But before doing the questions above, students should read the Let’s Observe section on page 73.

Later after observing on page 73, students will easily compare the pieces of cake in the problem above.

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Answer key Theme 5 Class 3 SD page 74

Let’s practice

Now compare the slices of cake.

Which one is bigger? Which one is smaller? Put a “>” (greater than) or “

– Now compare 1/2 part of chocolate cake and 1/3 part of vanilla cake.


In the Let’s Observe section, there are examples and readings related to 2 cakes, namely chocolate cake and vanilla cake.

Siti then cut the two cakes to share.

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