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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Director and Chief of Human Resources Officer GoTo, Melissa Siska Juminto revealed the reason for the company to terminate employment (PHK) for its 1,300 employees.

According to Melissa, this policy is a step to encourage healthier business performance, even though it has to go through difficult decisions.

“Some time ago, it was with a heavy heart that we reduced the number of employees which affected 1,300 people or 12 percent of the total number of GoTo group employees,” said Melissa at the GoTo Public Expose event, Thursday (8/12/2022).

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“This decision is a very difficult step. But it needs to be done to encourage healthier business performance,” he continued.

Furthermore, Melissa explained, another step in managing costs, related to human resources (HR), is by tightening the recruitment side.

Then, limiting non-essential business trips, streamlining the organization including consolidation and corporate functions.

“The results of these steps will be seen in the following quarters,” he said.

In addition, Melissa said, her party would continue to make various efforts to optimize other operational costs.

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“This is done in order to accelerate the steps towards company profitability,” he continued.

Furthermore, Melissa said, the allocation of funds provided for affected employees layoffs it is stock based expiring on September 30, 2022.

“As you know, we will conduct an IPO in 2022 and part of the IPO process we will allocate stock options for employees,” he explained.

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Melissa emphasized that the compensation expense in the form of shares is not a cash item. He said, the stock-based compensation is a compensation program based on the company’s performance.

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