Interesting facts about the Wednesday series

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Appearance Wednesday Addams seems to have succeeded in stealing the attention of the international scene.

A pale-skinned figure with braided hair and her habit of uttering piercing words were so ingrained in her Wednesday Addams.

serial success Wednesday proven to occupy the number one position in the global Top 10 TV list Netflix. As well as being ranked first in the serial list Netflix in Indonesia.

Quoting the release received by Tribunnews, Wednesday made a major achievement by becoming serial number one in 93 countries.

Wenesday has recorded more than 411 million hours of views globally in the two weeks since its premiere on November 23.

If you haven’t watched the Wednesday series, take a look at the following interesting facts!

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1. Stunning Acting Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

Actress Jenna Ortega took various courses to prepare for the role Wednesday.

Starting from lessons in playing the cello, fencing, archery, to German.

Jenna Ortega also got used to canoeing and trained her body to match Wednesday’s movements.

Interesting facts about the Wednesday series
Interesting facts about the Wednesday series –

For the sake of interpreting the character WednesdayOrtega walked, ran, and did various styles typical of the exiled student.

Ortega’s hard work succeeded in presenting a figure Wednesday fresh and introduces a new generation of The Addams Family.

2. The Cast of Things Characters

The Thing that steals the audience’s attention comes through an effort that is not at all easy.

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