Tribunnews Reporter Report, Lita Febriani

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Productivity support platform young talent in the creative economy sector digitalTalenthub of the Ministry of Manpower, preparing skill upgrades for workers in Indonesia.

In the webinar “Exploring Skills in Capturing Future Job Opportunities and Economic Challenges”, Talenthub raises issues that are very relevant to the needs of young talent in preparing skills to meet the challenges of today’s work.

Managing Director of Talenthub, Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, Ahmad Luthfi stressed young talent You need to always be optimistic in finding jobs that are relevant to your skills.

“The key, young talent “We must continue to hone our own skills and not close ourselves off from developing new skills that are relevant to the current world of work,” said Luthfi in the Webinar that took place last December 5-7.

Luthfi also emphasized the commitment to the establishment of Talenthub, namely to connect talents with relevant jobs.

“We also want to become a platform that supports increased productivity for talent in the creative, digital, social and MSME sectors,” said Luthfi.

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Greenhope Co-Founder and CEO Tommy Tjiptadjaja, said the importance of building a green industry.

“The green industry is an effort to take care of our earth which is getting sick. It is hoped that the talents present here will become pioneers of the green industry, at least from themselves, for the safety of the earth we live on,” said Tommy.

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