TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Regency/City Minimum Wage (UMK) Gunungkidul Regencythe Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) in 2023 has officially ascended.

Local Government (LG) DIY has announced the 2023 District/City Minimum Wage (UMK) on Wednesday (7/12/2022).

To quote TribunJogjathe 2023 Gunungkidul UMK is set at IDR 2,049,266.00.

The increase was only 7.86 percent, namely a difference of IDR 149,226.00 from UMK 2022 which amounted to IDR 1.9 million.

Responding to the announcement, the Chairman of the Leadership Council of the Gunungkidul All Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (DPC KSPSI) Branch, Budiyana stated that the figure was in accordance with the agreement.

“That was in accordance with the agreement in the plenary session of the Wage Council some time ago,” he explained.

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Apart from KSPSI, Budi said the Wage Council also involved a number of related parties.

Among others, from the Gunungkidul Regency Government (Pemkab), business associations, to academics.

He did not deny that the increase was relatively small.

“It’s thin, but we understand that the current economic conditions are also not stable,” said Budi.

KSPSI Gunungkidul itself previously proposed a 10 percent increase.

The consideration is that the increase in fuel prices will trigger inflation and increase the price of basic commodities.

Data UMP and UMK in DIY last 5 years

Here’s the data UMP and UMK DIY in the last 5 years, as reported by from the official website of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) DIY,

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