TRIBUNNEWS.COMPolda Metro Jaya stop investigating the death of a family in KalideresWest Jakarta.

The reason is, the death of one family is certain there is no criminal element.

Director of General Criminal Investigation Polda Metro JayaKombes Hengki Hyadi said that the phenomenon of the deaths of four people in one house is indeed quite unique because it rarely happens.

“The results of our investigation found no criminal incident, so we will stop investigating this case in the future.”

“We have found that the deaths occurred at the crime scene Kalideres this is a natural death under unnatural conditions.”

“So this is a quite unique phenomenon for us, it is also a very meaningful experience and it is very rare to find cases like this.”

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“Therefore, in the future we will work with the campus to research this phenomenon,” said Hengki quoted from Kompas Tv.

The termination of this investigation was carried out because it was also supported by the results of the examination which did not show any acts of violence.

Asri Megaratri Pralebda, a forensic doctor at Bhayangkara TK IR Said Sukanto Hospital, said that the results of the examination found no elements of poisoning or starvation.

Allegations of starvation before this disproved because the team of doctors have found the rest of the faeces containing carbohydrates.

The four of them died due to illness.

“The four victims died because of a history of illness with a different order of death.”

“The doctor also confirmed that the cause of death was not starvation. The order of death from the four bodies was Mr. Rudianto, followed by Mrs. Reni, then Mr. Budianto, and finally Ms. Dian.”

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“We can clearly and confidently state that the cause of death for Mr. Rudianto was due to a disease of the gastrointestinal tract and for Ms. Reni was an abnormality in the breast.”

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