Reporter Report, Mario Christian Sumampow

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – West Jakarta Police Chief (Jakbar) Kombes Pol Pasma Royce said that his party would cooperate with the management Dharma Bakti Temple to carry out security against beggars around the monastery area.

This was done, said Paska, in order to maintain order and comfort for residents wanting to worship at the monastery.

“Of course we will cooperate with the management of the monastery. There is also internal security here, good management of beggars so they don’t disturb the environment,” said Pasma when met at the Dharma Bhakti Temple, Saturday (21/1/2023).

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Not only anticipating security for beggars, his party will also arrange parking locations.

It is remembering the road ahead Dharma Bakti Temple quite narrow and dense sellers.

“Incidentally at the Vihara (Dharma Bakti), the front road is quite narrow, there needs to be good arrangements,” he said.

“It’s good that the parking too, also later the visitors, including beggars too. Maybe we will coordinate it later,” he continued.

To secure the Chinese New Year, the police, supported by the TNI and members of the public, deployed 621 personnel for the West Jakarta area.

In the West Jakarta area, security was carried out at 41 temple locations from D-1 to Sunday (22/1/2023) during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

In order to secure the celebration of Chinese New Year, the West Jakarta Plres also dispatched a Bomb Disposal Team (Jibom) from Gegana Polda Metro Jaya to sterilize the temple area.

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