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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – A butcher in Hong Kong die when trying to slaughter pig in the Slaughterhouse Sheung Shui on Friday (20/1/2023).

The 61 year old butcher brought one pig for the slaughter process at 12.55 local time.

Before slaughtering pigthe butcher used a stun gun to stun pig to faint and facilitate the process of slaughter.

However, pig it suddenly wakes up.

The animal thrashed and knocked the butcher down on the machete used for slaughtering.

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An associate found the man barely conscious with a machete in his hand and a gash in his left leg.

For a moment, the butcher was still conscious and asked his colleagues for help.

He was taken to hospital, but was declared dead hours later, it was reported CNN International.

According to the investigation, the 40-centimeter butcher knife he was holding accidentally injured the rear left knee artery.

The butcher had worked at the slaughterhouse for 24 years.

Police said the cause of death had not been determined.

Illustration of a corpse
Illustration of a corpse (

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The city’s Labor Department said it had launched an investigation.

“The Department of Labor is saddened by the death of the individual and extends its deepest sympathies to his family,” it said in a statement DimsumDaily.

“We will complete the investigation as soon as possible to identify the cause of the accident, ascertain the responsibility of the duty holders and recommend corrective measures. We will take action according to the law if there is a violation of the work safety law,” said a spokesperson for the department.

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