Reporter Report, Reynas Abdila

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Threat recession the global economy this year continues to be reminded from various circles.

In fact, the Minister of BUMN Erick Thohir also reminded the economic problems that will be faced by the world and Indonesia.

However, according to directions from the Ministry of SOEs, PT Bureau of Classification of Indonesia (Persero) / BKI as one of the BUMNs is trying to maintain optimism in facing these challenges.

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“The issues that have surfaced can certainly serve as an early warning for the perpetrators industry to return to work hard to launch the economy. We as BUMN need to play an active role in anticipating this if it really happens,” said the Main Director of BKI Arisudono Soerono in his statement, Saturday (21/1/2023)

Arisudono revealed, BKI as a Testing, Inspection, and Certifications (TIC) company would make industry connected to each other to continue to grow even though there are predictions of economic problems in the world.

“Companies that work in the field of TIC services cannot possibly stand alone, we need to help industry related to growth, for example, giving incentives, ease of communication, when to socialize TIC and so on,” said Arisudono.

Apart from strengthening cooperation with other parties, continued Arisudono, the company will also reduce spending efficiency and allocation to programs with a higher priority scale.

“In accordance with the recommendation of the Minister of BUMN, BKI as the parent holding BUMN Survey Services or IDSurvey will more intensively unite the three entities, especially related to handling the economy with smart work,” he said.

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