TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Following are the figures of the three suspects in the serial murder cases in Cianjur and Bekasi, West Java.

Wowon Erawan alias Aki (60), Solihin alias Duloh (63), and M Dede Solehudin (35), conspiring to commit serial murders.

Until now, the number of victims Wow cs reached nine people.

Of the number of victims who died, most had family ties with the suspect.

So who are the three suspects?

1. Wowon

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Suspect of this serial killer is known been married more than twice.

From the information gathered, Wow had six wives, three of whom were murdered.

Ai Maimunah (40), one of the victims in Bekasi who was poisoned to death, is Siri’s wife Wow.

Later, a body was found in the yard of the house Wow and Solihin in Babakan Mande Village, Gunungsari Village, Ciranjang District, Cianjur Regency, are ex-wife and father-in-law Wow.

“That was conveyed by the fourth wife WowIis Suryati (42).

“The body that was found behind the house was that of his ex-wife and in-laws from Cimahi,” he explained, Thursday (19/1/2023).

Since getting married in 2015, Iis admits that there is nothing strange about his personality Wow.

She said her husband had been working at a rice mill.

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