Cianjur Regency Contributor Report, Fauzi Noviandi

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, CIANJUR – Wow and Solihin, who is a serial killer suspect, was arrested by Polda Metro Jaya members at his home in Babakan Mande Village, Gunungsari Village, Cianjur District without resistance.

Ajay Saepudin, Head of RT5/2 for the local area, said Wow and Solihin were arrested by the police on Tuesday (17/1/2023) at around 01.00 WIB.

“When they were arrested I was asleep at home. Then someone knocked on the door and I opened it immediately, it turned out that there were several people,” he told reporters, Saturday (21/1/2023).

In fact, he said, a number of people were police.

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They immediately informed and asked for permission and asked to witness Solihin’s arrest.

“The police who came to my house immediately revealed the arrest of someone involved in the Bekasi murder case,” said Ajay.

He was immediately invited by several police officers to Solihin’s house and it turned out that he was already there Wow.

Meanwhile, Solihin is still being questioned by the police.

“I still managed to see Solihin being interrogated by officers in his house, his wife looked hysterical. Not long after that Wow and Solihin were taken to the car,” he said.

Seeing this incident, Ajay did not expect Solihin to be involved in the serial murder cases in Bekasi and Cianjur.

The Beginning Revealed

It was revealed that this serial murder case started with a family case suspected of food poisoning in the Ciketing Udik area, Bantargebang, Bekasi City, some time ago.

At that time five family members were found lying limp in a rented house in the Ciketing Udik area, Bantargebang, Bekasi City, on Thursday (12/1/2023).

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