TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Check out the information on the addition of positive cases Covid-19 in Indonesia on Saturday (21/1/2023), in this article.

Based on Task Force data Covid-19positive case Covid-19 increased by 238 cases.

Addition of positive cases Covid-19 today decreased compared to the previous day, Friday (20/1/2023).

Last Friday, positive case Covid-19 in Indonesia there were an increase of 292 patients.

As for the total positive cases Covid-19 in Indonesia to this day as many as 6,727,847 people.

Then, patients Covid-19 who were declared cured increased by 605 patients.

Yesterday, case recovered Covid-19 increased by 687 people.

Total cases recovered Covid-19 in Indonesia there were 6,561,463 cases.

Furthermore, the addition of cases of death due to Covid-19 as many as 5 patients.

The day before, the patient died as a result Covid-19 in Indonesia increased by 8 people.

The total cases of death due to Covid-19 in Indonesia amounted to 160,777 cases.

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The Second Booster Is Given Free

Meanwhile, the Head of the Communication Bureau of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, ensured that the second booster for the general public was given online free.

The Ministry of Health expanded the scope of the second booster service or 4 doses of vaccines Covid-19 for the general public (age 18 and over), starting January 24, 2023.

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