Defense items in Mobile Legends

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here are five item recommendations to provide counter heroes Badang in esports games Mobile Legends.

Badang is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who has a pretty strong ult.

As a hero with a fighter role, Badang has excellent damage and resistance.

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Supported by the appropriate build Badang can be the sickest hero in a game Mobile Legends.

To reduce Badang’s attacks, here are five recommendations for items that can reduce his prowess.

Defense items in Mobile Legends
Defense items in Mobile Legends (Mobile Legends)

Antique Cuirass

Strong defense by choosing this item can reduce the greatness of Badang.

Passive of Antique Cuirass will reduce the Physical Attack, thus making Badang will be slightly weaker during Ultimate.

Dominance Ice

Then the second choice can use Dominance Ice. This item issues a passive that affects attacks Badang.

Every Hero who approaches Deominance Ice will have reduced HP and Shield Regen, and Attack Speed ​​will all drop by 50 percent.


This item can provide additional Physical Defense and make our hero come back to life.

When revived, the hero we use receives a Shield with a power of 220 – 1200 Shield for 3 seconds.

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