TRIBUNNEWS.COM, CIANJUR – Polda Metro Jaya revealed the origin of the Rp. 1 billion Wow and Solihin.

It turned out that the money came from a number of female workers (TKW), namely from Siti and Farida.

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Direskrim Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Hengki Haryadi said the suspect earned at least IDR 1 billion by admitting that he has supernatural abilities that give him success and wealth.

“Their mode of fraud. WowSolihin alias Duloh, and M Dede Solehudin made a profit from a number of female workers or TKW,” he said in Babakan Mande Village, Gunungsari Village, Ciranjang District, CianjurSaturday (21/1/2023).

He explained that Rp. 1 billion was transferred to an account in the name of M Dede Solehudin.

However, his party will still explore further regarding the collection of the money.

“We are still investigating this, it was only two days ago, our investigation is ongoing, from this fact we are investigating, we are exploring the facts again, so whether there are other possible suspects and victims we will finish everything,” he said.

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In addition, he said, based on the results of the temporary investigation of victims outside Bekasi, six bodies were found.

“Of course we have to prove it according to the statements of the suspects, who those people are, and we will carry out DNA tests and other things,” he said.

Hengki added, there were two other people who had to be examined, namely on behalf of Halimah, and Siti, this one person was a TKW.

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“We have opened a command post here, because this is a humanitarian operation, there should be no other suspects involved in this syndicate or maybe there are other victims we have to look for,” he said.

This news has been published on the West Java Tribune entitled:

Siti and Halimah Koban Rajapati had deposited money with Wowon and Solihin from migrant workers, a total of IDR 1 billion

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