TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Kombes M Arsal Sahban through the Lasharan Jaya Makassar Education Foundation which oversees the Lasharan Jaya School of Management (STIMLASH) has collaborated with Northern Illinois University (NIU) Chicago, United States.

The efforts made by the Main Lecturer at the College of Police Science (STIK-PTIK) are in the context of supporting the improvement of the quality of Human Resources (HR) in Indonesia.

As the founder of the Lasharan Jaya Makassar Education Foundation, Kombes Arsal signed a collaboration in the field of research and scholarships with the best state university in the world.

“The form will be in the form of student exchanges and collaboration in the field of research. We want to increase the human resources of STIMLASH graduates who are not only good and superior but also have an international outlook,” said Kombes Arsal at STIMLASH, Makassar, South Sulawesi quoted on Saturday (21/1/2023).

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The cooperation agreement was signed by the Executive Director of the NIU Chicago USA’s Global Institute, Eric Jones, with the Head of STIMLASH, Hernita.

Kombes Arsal said that this collaboration continued the MoU that had been established since 2014.

“By incorporating a number of additional points which essentially broaden scientific ties and closer academic collaboration. At that time we were the ones who went to America, represented by my sister. Now they are coming to the STIMLASH campus,” said Kombes Arsal.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the NIU Chicago USA’s Global Institute, Eric Jones, said that in the future there would be various collaborations between his party and STIMLASH.

One of them is an exchange student.

“We at NIU can also send our students or lecturers to study Indonesian language and culture, besides that we can also work together in writing international journals,” said Eric.

Eric added that his party could also assist in accepting Indonesian students who are interested in studying in America.

He hopes that the student exchange will be realized quickly.

“We will also help STIMLASH issue acceptance letters for students or lecturers who are interested in going to America to study. Hopefully there will be an exchange of students and lecturers from NIU to STIMLASH or vice versa,” he said.

STIMLASH Chair Hernita said the collaboration with NIU Chicago would continue.

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