TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Violence against journalist when carrying out the task of reporting again occurred, now five journalists at SurabayaEast Java, was beaten while covering an inspection activity at a discotheque Ibiza Club Surabaya.

Five journalist namely Anggadia Muhammad journalist from the media, Rofik from LensIndonesia, Didik from photo journalist LKBN Antara, Firman and Ali from

This incident occurred around Jalan Simpang Dukuh, Friday (20/1/2023).

It is known that the five journalists received information that the Civil Service Police Unit officers from the East Java Provincial Government were visiting the nightclub because it was suspected to be a hotbed for narcotics trafficking.

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This suspicion arose based on the results revealed by the Tegalsari Police Criminal Investigation Team and the Narcotics Satres Team. On Sunday (8/1/2023) a man with the initials SL living in a boarding house in the Dukuh Kupang area was raided police because it was detected as a methamphetamine dealer.

When he was arrested, SL admitted that he often consumed methamphetamine and ecstasy pills. To policeSL admitted that he used to buy ecstasy from a woman named Rebekka at the Ibiza Discotheque.

Later, Rebekka was also arrested police. He said he used to sell ineks or ecstasy at the Ibiza Discotheque at a price of IDR 600,000 per item.

From the statements of SL and Rebekka, officers from the East Java Provincial Government finally held an inspection at the Ibiza Discotheque.

Anggadia, Rofik, Firman, and Ali who are in charge of covering the event on a daily basis Surabaya intend to cover this examination. However, it was not news that they got, they were actually attacked by unknown people.

This event began when four journalist this intends to wait for officers from Pemprov to check inside the discotheque.

They are waiting for the inspection to be completed at the coffee shop located in front of the Andika Plaza Building. The Plaza building is a discotheque Ibiza Club Surabaya which is on the 5th floor.

In this coffee shop four journalist started getting intimidated by strangers. There was a woman ordering these four journalists to immediately enter the Ibiza Discotheque with harsh sentences.

“At first we didn’t serve it. Because we didn’t know it,” said Angga, quoted from, Saturday (21/1/2023).

The woman, whose name is not known, then cursed the four journalists. Finally, said Angga, Rofik tried to emphasize the woman’s meaning. However, Angga then asked Rofik to obey the woman’s orders.

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