TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Actor Aji Yusman was in the spotlight because of his action to open donations.

Aji Yusman opened a donation to pay for a cesarean section to remove the body of his fourth child who died in the womb.

Not only that, Aji Yusman also recounts a series of calamities that befell him before an incident occurred that required him to raise donations.

One of them is the story of his father who died because of cancer.

According to narrative Aji Yusmanhis father had cancer after performing mole removal surgery.

“My father had cancer, at first it was a mole, but there was an operation that was not done properly,” said Aji in the Melaney Ricardo podcast, Tuesday (24/1/2023).

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Aji Yusman admitted that he did not know whether his father’s operation was malpractice or not.

“Wallahualam is it a malpractice or not,” he added.

Aji said that initially the mole was just a benign tumor that turned into a mole cancer after his father had surgery.

“In essence, what used to be a benign tumor turned malignant, cancer,” he said.

He admitted that he tried many things for his father’s care.

“As much as I can to support my father’s health, finally (father) died,” said Aji.

The 34-year-old man said that the costs incurred for treating his father at that time were quite large.

“Back to finance, the costs are enormous, the costs are enormous,” he said.

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