TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – General Chairperson of the DPP Indonesian Islamic Da’wah Institute (LDII) KH Chriswanto Santoso strongly condemns the burning of the holy book of the Koran which was masterminded by one of the political leaders in Sweden, Rasmus Paludan.

Chriswanto also asked the government to ban Rasmus Paludan enter Indonesia.

LDII considers this behavior to show the decline of modern human civilization which does not respect differences and triggers Islamophobia.

Burning of the Koran in Sweden and the Netherlands triggered a strong reaction from the Islamic world and leaders of Islamic organizations, because of this excessive freedom of expression.

“We, together with other Islamic organizations, condemn this action. Democracy is indeed marked by freedom of expression, but there are agreed limits that cannot be violated, namely human rights (HAM). Freedom of religion is the most essential and principled right,” said the general chairman of the DPP LDII KH Chriswanto Santosoin his statement, Wednesday (25/1/2023).

Chriswanto asked the government to ban Rasmus Paludan enter Indonesia.

For him, not worth it religious blasphemer and the Islamophobic propagandists entered Indonesia.

With Indonesia’s plural conditions, there is no place for intolerant people.

He added that Rasmus could trigger Islamophobia, which tends to be racist, because of an excessive, groundless fear of Islam and people who believe in that religion.

Chriswanto also agreed with the statement by the Chairperson of the Islamic Organizations Friendship Institute (LPOI) and the Religious Organizations Friendship Institute (LPOK) KH. Said Aqil Siradj, that the act of burning the holy book of the Koran was an act of blasphemy against religion which hurt the hearts of Muslims all over the world.

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“We cannot accept the reasons for democracy or freedom of expression. That is a form of freedom of expression that is reckless and does not respect human rights,” said KH Chriswanto.

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