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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, WASHINGTON – Three men killed in action brutal shooting at a Circlek K convenience store in Yakima, Washington Central, United States (US) on Tuesday local time.

Police confirmed the suspect had died after being hunted for hours.

“Local police were called to Circle K in Yakima, Washington around 3.30am, when three unidentified people were found dead,” the police chief said WashingtonMatt Murray.

Quoted from the Channel News Asia page, Wednesday (25/1/2023), two victims were shot inside a shop which the authorities considered looked like a random act of violence.

The third victim was shot outside the shop.

“This appears to be a random situation, there was no real conflict between them. The man just came in and started shooting,” said Murray.

After opening fire inside the shop, the suspect identified as Jared Haddock ran across the street and fired at a vehicle, forcing the driver to transfer to the passenger seat.

“The suspect stole a car and fled,” police said.

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“After hours of manhunt Haddock’s relatives called authorities to a location behind the shed where Haddock was hiding. Shots were heard as police approached and a man who identified himself as Haddock was found injured,” Murray said.

According to Murray, no officers were injured or used any force to immobilize the 21-year-old assailant.

Haddock died of his injuries at the scene.

The Yakima shooting is the latest gun violence to rock the US. The incident follows two mass shootings in California that left 18 people dead.

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On Monday, seven people died at two farms south of San Francisco when a Chinese-American farmhand is believed to have opened fire on his colleagues.

Some of the victims are known to be people of Chinese descent as well.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, an elderly Asian man went berserk at a dance studio in Monterey Park near Los Angeles (LA).

Action brutal shooting it killed 11 people who had gathered for Chinese New Year celebrations.

The man, identified as Huu Can Tran, shot himself dead hours later when police got into his van.

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